Friday, December 02, 2022
Taxes & License Plates

Pay for Services Online

You can now pay your tax bill and auto renewals online with a major credit card or e-check. To pay with a credit card there is a service fee of 2.5% of the payment amount, with a minimum fee of $1.95. Debit cards attached to a checking account have a flat fee of $3.95. To pay using an e-check there is a service fee of $1.50. The service fee is charged by the county`s payment processor; the county does not receive any portion of this fee.


To avoid multiple service charges for more than one tax payment, add first parcel to cart and then use the "new search" to the left of the cart to add additional parcels to the same transaction. As always, please call if we can help walk you through this process.

 Taxes Due


 As a reminder, we are now collecting the 2022 Property Taxes.  Taxes for the year are due by December 31, 2022 if you elect to use the one payment system. 

The Legislature has also allowed us to utilize a two payment system. If you elect to pay taxes utilizing this method, the 1st half has a due date of on or before Nov 10, 2022 and the second half would be due on or before May 10, 2023.  Please contact this office if further clarification is needed.

Tribal plates are now available!
Any person required to register a vehicle in Wyoming may apply to the University of Wyoming for distinctive Eastern Shoshone or Northern Arapaho Tribal license plates.  

*Applicants are not required to be a tribal member to apply for this Specialty Plate*



Vehicle sales tax exemption for tribal member now only applies if the sale occurs on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The Treasurer’s office will require evidence that the property was delivered by the seller to a location on the Wind River Indian Reservation.  Acceptable evidence will be a shipping document provided by the common carrier or an Affidavit Of Delivery.

The Wyoming Department of Revenue is requesting that the Affidavit of Delivery be placed on company letterhead and the purchaser has to sign it as well.This also applies to person-to-person sales.

Requirements to license a vehicle: Wyoming Title - proof of insurance on motorized vehicles - proof that the vehicle was registered in another state to you or proof that you paid sales tax. If this is a new purchase, you will be charged sales tax based on the rate in effect in your Wyoming place of residence. Sales tax must be paid within 65 days of purchase or be subject to penalty and interest on the tax amount.

Motor Vehicle county fees are based on the original MSRP (factory price) of the vehicle from the factory to the dealer: year, make, model and trim package. This gives the valuation which is then multiplied by 3% which gives the county fee. This fee is an ad valorem tax in lieu of property tax. The state fee is a flat fee of $30.00 for passenger vehicles. Trucks, trailers, motor home`s and campers state fee is based on weight.

Example: Brand new car factory price $35,000.00 x 60% = $21,000 x 3% = County fee $630.00. This fee is pro-rated downward for the first 6 years of the life of the vehicle till the formula would be $35,000.00 x 15% = $5250.00 x 3 % County fee $157.50.  The % is as follows: 60% - 50% - 40% - 30% - 20% - 15%

Please feel free to contact us to receive assistance in calculating your registration fees.

As you can see the more expensive your vehicle the more it costs to license in Wyoming.  Wyoming is not cheap when it comes to motor vehicle fees.  Please contact us for more information if you plan to move to our state.

As per Wyoming Statute 31-2-201, registration is required upon becoming a resident in the case of a previous nonresident owner. 

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Julie Mortimore

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