Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Contact the airport at 307-867-2027 (Office)
or 307-921-8579 (FBO Cell) 


Use this website to get information about our County government, home1Mapserver, meeting dates or employment opportunities. If you can`t find the information that you need on our web pages, we`ll be pleased to visit with you in person. You will also find a wealth of information on the Chamber of Commerce website which is listed on the Hot Springs County Links. 



code red hot springs county wy

Register on Hot Springs County CodeRED. Be sure you are registered to automatically receive Emergency Information. Your information will be confidential and only used to contact you in an EMERGENCY.

Register for CodeRed Emergency Notifications

If you hear an alert siren:


  • Expect CodeRed information
  • Tune to radio station KYTS, 105.7 FM
  • Watch your cable TV interrupt
  • Listen to your noaa all-hazards radio (ch 5, 162.500 mhz)
  • If it is a long term emergency this website, along with Facebook & Twitter (we will also provide ongoing information)
  • Continue to monitor your information source


AudioALERT SIREN This one will be used for Tornado Warnings and/or a severe storm warning of winds over 70mph and/or Hail 1.75" or larger (golf ball size)

AudioHI-LO SIREN This alert siren will have only one message. It will alert for a total failure of Boysen Dam. The only action to be taken is to evacuate on highway 120 toward Cody or highway 20 toward Worland.


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