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Dave Schlager,
Road and Bridge Supervisor

Mailing Address:     415 Arapahoe
Physical Address:  740 Springview
Tel: (307) 864-3497

County Road #14, Goosberry Road is now open to the public.



The three huge piles of cold asphalt mix are now down to one.  The asphalt was prepared in April 2009, and during the summer many roads in the County were overlaid with the material including Cottonwood Creek, 4-mile Road and Lane 7.  The remaining pile will be used for repairs and overlays on more roads next Spring and Summer.

 Work is completed on the East River Road.  The sharp incline on the east side of the road has been cut back to a more gentle slope.  This will prevent rocks from dropping on the road`s surface.  The material removed from the hill is being used to enhance the parking area of the Game and Fish Department`s fishing access point.

It`s been a busy season for the road and bridge crew.  The Grass Creek Road project is finished and will probably be stabilized with magnesium chloride next year.  The plan is to stabilize a number of County roads that are impacted by industry with magnesium chloride including Grass Creek, Kirby Creek, Black Mountain and possibly Sand Draw roads.  A new cattle guard has been installed in Hot Springs State Park.  This was accomplished because of cooperation between the State of Wyoming and Hot Springs County.
Last winter, the Lake Creek Slough was drained after the water froze enough to allow heavy equipment on it.  The old Oddfellows building was torn down by the Road and Bridge crew in preparation for construction of the new Government Annex/Public Health Building. The building was separated from the garage next to it by inches, but the crew managed to tear the rear wall down without harming the garage.  Notice the historic sign painted on the adjacent garage.  That was quite a surprise to everyone.

Independent Record Photos

So, your road & bridge crew is busy.  We have 235 miles of County roads in Hot Springs County, and it is an ongoing job to maintain them.




 We had outgrown our Road and Bridge Shop, and a new addition was added to the original building.  The funding for the project came from a State Consensus grant.  Watch how the work progressed on the addition in the photos below.



                                       December 3rd                                                                       It`s about finished!!

One of the recent additions to this web page is the addition of Hot Springs County maps with all the county roads.  Click on the link below



As winter months approach and the much anticipated snow we hope to get this year, please be advised as to the schedule and priority of roads and routes to be plowed.
Our number one priority is to maintain all bus and mail routes in the County.  These County Roads include, but are not limited to:
Owl Creek-Jones Road
Owl Creek- Hamilton Dome Road-High Island Road-West Cottonwood Road
Jones Road/Missouri Flat Road
South of Thermopolis to include:
           South end Buffalo Creek Secondary past River Bridge
           Lane 12, looping back through Lane 7
           Lane 3
Red Lane
East & West Sunnyside Lanes
Skelton Road/Cowboy Mine Road Loop
Black Mountain Road/Kirby Creek Road up to the Swallow Place
Sand Draw Road to Swing Place/E. Cottonwood Road
East River Road - Through Black Willow Subdivision
Gooseberry Road
All other roads will be considered as a number 2 priority, and some roads plowed only as a courtesy.

Our work crew consists of 4 men plus a working foreman, working an 8 hour day, 7:30 - 4:00, Monday through Friday.  Any work done after hours or on weekends is on a call-out basis.  Night plowing has not proven wise, since the County has no delineator markers or road striping.  Criteria for plowing is 4 inches or as deemed necessary per road conditions.  Sanding curves and hills will be done as conditions warrant.  Plowing in extreme conditions that may threaten the public`s safety or that of personnel may be suspended until safe conditions are apparent.  Outlying roads are signed as to maintenance schedules.  Traveling beyond those signs is at your own peril.

Please drive safely, yielding right of way to snow removal equipment, evidenced by amber flashing lights.    



Hot Springs County Rural Road Naming and Addressing Guidelines



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County Road Milepost Map

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Description

HSC General Hwy Map - East Half

HSC General Hwy Map - West Half

Rural Road Naming and Addressing Guidelines


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