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Daniel Webber
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Thermopolis, Wyoming 82443
Tel: (307) 864-3414

Welcome to the Hot Springs County, Wyoming Assessor`s web page!
The Goal of this office is to accurately, equitably and fairly value all property in Hot Springs County according to state law. Uniform values are the basis of a fair property tax system. It is your right and responsibility to make sure that the information used to value your property is accurate and up to date. Property records are available for your review at all times, and we welcome your comments and concerns.

Wyoming law requires that all property be valued at "Fair Market Value" with the exception of agricultural lands which are to be valued at their productive capability. "Fair Market Value" is the price a knowledgeable buyer would be willing to pay for your property in its current condition.
-Field Review Schedule-
On-Site Review of Properties within Hot Springs County, Wyoming

The Hot Springs County Assessor’s Office conducts an on-going and continuous program of reviewing all properties. This review includes checking the size, type, condition and other characteristic information of all improvements on the property. These field checks are required by Wyoming Statutes and Department of Revenue Rules to ensure the information used in the valuation of properties is current and accurate. In addition, new construction and changes identified are reviewed and listed for assessments.

The Assessor’s office has a staff of five Appraisers conducting inspections. All employees have photo identification issued by the county. They operate county vehicles. The first step in every property visit is to go to the door, identify themselves and explain the purpose of their visit. If no one is home, they leave a ‘Door-Hanger’ stating their names, our office phone number, and notes on any information that may be needed, and verify exterior property information.

Hot Springs County Information
 (informative information about Hot Springs County Wyoming)

General Highway Map - West Half of County
General Highway Map - East Half of County

** 2018 Notices of Assessment were mailed April 11, 2018 ** 

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File Information



2018 Notice of Assessment (Alphabetical)

2018 2018 Amended Notice of Assessment  
2018 Assessment Letter Insert (PLEASE READ) This insert
has importantant information and explains how your property
is valued.


2017 Notice of Assessment (Alphabetical)
2017 2017 Amended Notice of Assessment


Office Staff 

Judy Carswell
Deputy Assessor
Property Tax Appraiser / GIS
Jim Jeunehomme
Field Deputy Supervisor / Property Tax Appraiser 
Debby Milek
Field Deputy / Property Tax Appraiser
 Cody Stewart
Field Deputy / Property Tax Appraiser

   Subdivision Plats (work in progress) – Scanned copies of Recorded Subdivision Plats
These are NOT Ownership Plats. For Rural ownership, please see the Map Server Tab 


Thermopolis Original Town Thermopolis Subdivisions Summary Belvedere Addition
Brydon`s Addition Brydon`s Third Addition Buffalo Ridge Subdivision
Candy Hills Subdivision Canyon Hills Subdivision Canyon View Addition
Cedar Ridge Subdivision - First Cedar Ridge Subdivision - Second Edwards Addition
El Rancho Addition Grandview Addition Hakka Replat
Hillberry`s First Addition  Huckfeldt Subdivision
Jacobs_Addition Jones-Sliney Addition 
Kinney`s First Addition Kinney`s Second Addition McManigal`s Addition
McManigal`s Second Addition McManigal`s Third Addition Meadowlark Subdivision
Parkview Subdivision Realing Addition Ryan`s Addition
Ryan`s Second Addition Shero Subdivision Spomer Subdivision
Spring View Estates Waldof Acres Water Plant Addition

East Thermopolis

East Thermopolis - Original Town East Thermopolis Subdivisions 1995 Jones Addition
Pohl Addition Scholz Addition Sorensen Tracts
Wild Horse Estates Yarrington Addition  


Town of Kirby Keasling Addition Mead Addition
Mead 2nd Addition Wilson Addition  

Rural Subdivisions

Artois Subdivision Artois Block 2 Resubdivision Bar None Acres
Black Willow Subdivision Bobcat Estates Bobcat Storage Subdivision
Chugwater Subdivision Commercial Park West Copper View Subdivision
Country Estates Country Estates Second Cowger Subdivision
Crandall Subdivision Denton Subdivision Dowdy Subdivision
Dusty Acres Elliott Subdivision Enis Subdivision 
Fantaskey Kirby Subdivision    
Garrison Subdivision Gebo I Subdivision Gerharter Subdivision
Hammond Subdivision Hanging Horse Subdivision Herrin Subdivision
Kirby Creek Subdivision
L & L Subdivision
Lane 12 Subdivision
Lejon Subdivision Legend Rock Subdivision
Longwell Ranch Subdivision Longwell Ranch Subdivision No 2 McClintock Subdivision    
Miller-Schmidt Subd / Crimson View Estates    
Mountain View Subdivision Pearce Subdivision Red Gulch Subdivision
Red Rock Business Park River Bridge Estates Rodeo Run
Sable Run Sage Valley Subdivision Scenic View - Original
Scenic View - Boundary Adjustment Silly Subdivision Skelton Tracts
Sunnyside Acres Subdivision
Sable Run Admendment   
 Wakeley Subdivision Wyoming Lasting Legacy Wyoming Lasting Legacy pg 2


Forms & Reference Materials: (work in progress)

Assessment & Appeal Information

Appeal Withdrawal Form
Hot Springs County Board of Equalization Hearing Rules

Personal Property Forms (linked from WY Dept of Revenue website)

Agricultural / Comercial / Industrial Personal Property Declaration (ATD-25)

Aircraft Affidavit (ATD-23)

Drilling / Well Service Workover  Seismic Rig Personal Property (ATD-39)

Statement of Oil Field Equip (ATD-40)

Classification / Exemption Applications

Agricultural Classification Form

Fire Control Exemption Application for Personal Property (ATD-14-F)

Pollution Control Exemption Application for Personal Property (ATD-14-P)

Veteran`s Exemption Form

Please check back here soon for more information and links regarding property valuation, the assessment process, and mass appraisal, as well as information on the Veteran`s Exemption and other tax relief programs.  


Wyoming Department of Revenue 
( This link is for informational use of the GLO Plats for each Township in Hot Springs County, Wyoming)
Also, please find county road maps on the Road & Bridge tab.



Document List

2017 Assessment Letter Insert

2017 NOD Combined

2017 Notice of Assessment (Alphabetical)

2018 Amended NOD

2018 Amended NOD

2018 Notice of Value Insert

2018 Nov

Ag Affidavit

County Board of Equalization Hearing Rules

East Thermopolis - Base Map 1995

East Thermopolis - Jones Addition

East Thermopolis - Original Town

East Thermopolis - Pohl Addition

East Thermopolis - Scholz Addition

East Thermopolis - Sorensen Tracts

East Thermopolis - Wild Horse Estates

East Thermopolis - Yarrington Addition

eNoticesOnline Instructions


Forms - Appeal Withdrawal Form

General Information 2017

Hammond Subdivision

Hot Springs County General Map - East Half

Hot Springs County General Map - West Half

Huckfeldt Subdivision

Kirby Creek Subdivision

Kirby Plat - Keasling Addition

Kirby Plat - Mead 2nd Addition

Kirby Plat - Mead Addition

Kirby Plat - Town of Kirby

Kirby Plat - Wilson Addition


Mead 3rd Addition

Miller-Schmidt Subdivision - Crimson View Estates

Reference - HSC BoE Hearing Rules

Rural - Artois Block 2 Resubdivision

Rural - Artois Subdivision

Rural - Bar None Acres

Rural - Black Willow Subdivision

Rural - Bobcat Estates

Rural - Bobcat Storage Subdivision

Rural - Charmac Subdivision

Rural - Chugwater Subdivision

Rural - Commercial Park West

Rural - Copper View Subdivision

Rural - Country Estates

Rural - Country Estates Second

Rural - Cowger Subdivision

Rural - Crandall Subdivision

Rural - Denton Subdivision

Rural - Dowdy Subdivision

Rural - Dusty Acres

Rural - Elliott Subdivision

Rural - Enis Subdivision

Rural - Garrison Subdivision

Rural - Gebo I Subdivision

Rural - Gerharter Subdivision

Rural - Hanging Horse Subdivision

Rural - Herrin Subdivision

Rural - L & L Subdivision

Rural - Lane 12 Subdivision

Rural - Lejon Subdivision

Rural - Longwell Ranch Subdivision

Rural - Longwell Ranch Subdivision No 2

Rural - McClintock Subd

Rural - Mountain View Subdivision

Rural - Pearce Subdivision

Rural - Red Gulch Subdivision

Rural - Red Rock Business Park

Rural - River Bridge Estates

Rural - Rodeo Run

Rural - Sable Run

Rural - Sage Valley Subdivision

Rural - Scenic View

Rural - Scenic View Revised

Rural - Silly Subdivision

Rural - Skelton Tracts

Rural - Sunnyside Acres Subdivision

Rural - Wakeley Subdivision

Sable Run Tracts 12A & 13A

Statement of Consideration

Statement of Consideration Pamphlet

Statement of Consideration Pamphlet2

Statement to Contest

Statement to Contest Property Tax Assessment

Thermopolis - Belvedere Addition

Thermopolis - Brydon's Addition

Thermopolis - Brydon's Third Addition

Thermopolis - Buffalo Ridge Subdivision

Thermopolis - Candy Hills Subdivision

Thermopolis - Canyon Hills Subdivision

Thermopolis - Canyon View Addition

Thermopolis - Cedar Ridge First

Thermopolis - Cedar Ridge Second

Thermopolis - Edwards Addition

Thermopolis - El Rancho Addition

Thermopolis - Grandview Addition

Thermopolis - Hakka Replat

Thermopolis - Hillberry's First Addition

Thermopolis - Jacobs Addition

Thermopolis - Jones Sliney Addition

Thermopolis - Kinney's First Addition

Thermopolis - Kinney's Second Addition

Thermopolis - McManigal's Addition

Thermopolis - McManigal's Second Addition

Thermopolis - McManigal's Third Addition

Thermopolis - Meadowlark Subdivision

Thermopolis - Original Town

Thermopolis - Parkview Subdivision

Thermopolis - Realing Addition

Thermopolis - Ryan's Addition

Thermopolis - Ryan's Second Addition

Thermopolis - Shero Subdivision

Thermopolis - Spomer Subdivision

Thermopolis - Spring View Estates

Thermopolis - Subdivisions Summary

Thermopolis - Waldorf Acres

Thermopolis - Water Plant Addition

Veterans Exemption Form

W. S. Title 39 pertaining to Agriculture

Wyoming Lasting Legacy

Wyoming Lasting Legacy 2



Hot Springs County
415 Arapahoe
Thermopolis, WY 82443

Telephone: 307-864-3515
Fax: 307-864-3333

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